An affirmative prayer for you

Whenever I get ready to sink into an affirmative prayer, what is also called a treatment, I first glance to my outer surroundings.  I don’t know why I do this and I’ve learned not to question why in such matters. But I believe this practice is a simple way for me to move into the first of the five steps of a treatment, which is to acknowledged that god is everywhere present.

Today as I went to move into a treatment, I looked out the window and noticed the wind.  I can hear the wind, making whooshing noises as it moves around out there.  So I knew it was a windy day.  But I saw the trees moving around and thought, “oh look!  God is dancing in the trees!”  

And then I moved into the second stage of a treatment, oneness, which is where I acknowledge that if god is present everywhere, it is also present in me, and so my next thought was, “oh look!  God is dancing in MY consciousness!”

And then my next thought was the third step of treatment, which is to state my word.  And so I know that God is dancing in my consciousness, and always has been, but today I feel it.  I feel that glorious presence of spirit moving through me as divine right and perfect energy.  I feel It as the ideas that are coming to me, from both within me and from other people.  I know this God stuff dancing in my consciousness is the result of fully feeling the feels of loss, fully appreciating the healing journey, fully knowing the gratitude for that has been and all that will be, and I also know that my every intention is now come to fruition.  All those beautiful ideas coming from the dance of Spirit in my consciousness are now so.  

And for that I am very grateful.  Which is the 4th step of a treatment.

And so I release it all, except the dance part.  Because I happen to love that dance and want more dancing!  And so I shall dance my way through the release of my words to that law that is also dancing with incredible joy at my words, delightfully accepting them and acting upon them.  Which is the 5th step of a treatment.

And I anchor it all with this:  AND SO IT IS!

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