Why Fearlessly Feral?

I started Fearlessly Feral because I believe, truly and strongly, that people can live wild and free.  Yes, it is possible to live amazing, incredible, lush, luxurious lives free from limitations of any kind.  Yes, even health limitations. 

This isn’t pie in the sky stuff.  It isn’t wishful thinking and it isn’t airy fairy.

I use myself as an example in my work because I live a Fearlessly Feral life.  Not because I’ve had it easy.  On the contrary, I used to think there was no road to get from the life I was living to the life I live today. I was right.  So I built my own damn road.  They said I should have died.  They said I couldn’t function in society without drugs. They said I would suffer my entire life. They said all sorts of things.  I didn’t believe any of it.  I set out to prove them wrong and in the process discovered a way of living that is so beautiful I want to share how I did it with all of you.

Does it take work?  You betcha.  It takes work of the kind that most people think can’t be done, because it involves changing the way we think and believe.  It involves changing who we are at deep fundamental levels. And I’ll be honest, it is one of my greatest frustrations that so many people balk at that.  But it is also one of my greatest rewards that so many other people are willing to move toward it.

I am moved to write this today because lately I’ve witnessed so much limitation in people’s lives. I watched one man walking down the street the other day.  I’ve known this man for years. He walked slowly, a little hunched over, like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.  I got so sad that he was living the way he is living.  I want to see him at his full potential, enjoying life.  And he isn’t.  Regularly I have conversations with folks who are experiencing some sort of limitation in their lives.  They hate their jobs, they are in unsatisfying relationships, they have some pretty gnarly health issues. And I know that all of that is not necessary, and I affirm their good for them.  But when I was in the studies that showed me how to do the stuff I do, they taught me that I must meet people where they are at.  Perhaps. I’ve never been satisfied with that.  Oh, I can meet them there, and do, because if I don’t they can’t hear me or any of the messages sent their way.  Because I know they are getting messages from other areas besides myself.  But I can also encourage them to move from where they are at to a better place, and I begin doing that fairly quickly.  

And so I do.  And we are now back full circle to Fearlessly Feral.  This is why I speak.  Why I write.  Why I do the podcasts.  Why I do the workshops and the retreats.

Because I believe it is possible for everyone to live Fearlessly Feral.