Prosperity Consciousness

The latest episode of the podcast is up!

My latest podcast episode is up! WEEHAW! this one is all about prosperity consciousness, and to assist you in your effort to up your prosperity consciousness, I've listed no less than 17 books for your reading pleasure!
5 Gifts for an Abundant Life by Diane HarmonySpiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth: “To get the most from this study, you will want to declare your independence from the belief that your personal welfare is completely tied to the economic fluctuations of the world ‘out there.’” “So before you attempt to raise money, the first step should be to raise consciousness.” The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze OrmanDon’t Worry, Make Money by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. “Money is circulation, it needs to flow.” “Being attached to an outcome, holding on, takes an enormous amount of energy…” “Cynicism contradicts abundance.” The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price “…prosperity is a part of the natural process of life,…” “…the energy of abundance is constantly radiating from the Source within…” “What one has done, all can do. The secret is to be aware of this unfailing principle…” “…lack is simply the outpicturing of false beliefs…” “…the only limitations you have are the ones you’ve imposed upon yourself.” Creating True Prosperity by Shakti Gawain Soul Currency by Ernest D. Chu “….it’s mistaken to believe that giving to yourself, that taking care of your own needs and interests, is selfish.” “People have long traded satisfaction for security.” (Sub quote from Studs Terkel) “Most people’s jobs are too small for their spirits.” “You are at your most powerful when you follow your creative passion and let it inspire your choices and your path.” The Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell - this is a daily reader. The Laws of Manifestation by David Spangler “…manifesting a quality of being and letting life configure itself to me…” based on “being connected to my own inner inspiration and sense of calling and connected to the world around me.” “…positive beingness was more important than positive thinking.” “…manifestation is not about a technique. It is about our power as participants in the interactive web of life.” “…we think of manifestation as an act of incarnation ore than an act of acquisition or attraction.” “…manifestation is a change of form or state or condition of being; it is not the creation of something out of nothing.”Joyous Abundance Journal by Petra Weldes and Christian Sorensen - another daily readerThe Wisdom of Money by Alice Bandy “it is impossible for you to admire these qualities in others if you don’t already have the beginnings of them in yourself.” “Changing your life is as simple as changing your mind about some of these old concepts that don’t work for you.” The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine PonderPutting the Prosperity Idea to Work by Robert A. Russell God Goes to Work by Tom Zender The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron Virtually ANY book by Ernest Holmes. You can apply the principles he taught to any area of your life, including prosperity and abundance.