“God does not love anybody or anything. God is the love in everybody and everything. God is love; man becomes loving by permitting that which God is to find expression in word and act.” Charles Fillmore, Jesus Christ Heals

I sometimes wonder about how and why things shape up the way they do.  If that had not happened in such and such a way, would I still be here?  Or maybe I would be there!  I remember when I deepened and renewed my quest to get a better connection with that thing that some call God.  I was between ten and 15 years into recovery, and knew it was time.  I began attending my local Unity church and loved loved loved the person serving as minister then.  I wasn’t churchy and didn’t particularly like church, but I loved this lady’s message so much that I kept coming back.  I likely would be a Unity minister today except for one thing:  one day I went to that church and she was gone!  Willy nilly!  Just like that!  I heard later that the board had fired her.  The new person coming in, well, I didn’t resonate with the message, at all.  So off I went to my local Science of Mind church, what is today called a Center for Spiritual Living.  I had to drive an extra 30 miles to get there, but I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I don’t know why I’m telling you this story except to lead up to the source of my quote for today, because the author of that quote, Charles Fillmore is the founder of Unity, along with his wife Myrtle, and he has some pretty good stuff to say.  

When you hear “God does not love anybody or anything” how does that make you feel?  I know that for many, those kind of statements are very uncomfortable.  But this kind of statement never made me uncomfortable.  In fact, it gave me relief.  Because I heard the rest of the sentence:  “God IS the love in everybody and everything.”  And then I heard the final piece, that humans become loving by allowing that which can be called God to find expression within themselves.  We humans are the way that God expresses in physical form.  But we have to allow it.  We have to do what is necessary to let in the sunlight of the spirit so that we can be our full and complete godself, taking that sunlight of the spirit and shining it brightly in our own unique and wonderful ways.
This concept placed full responsibility on me to allow myself to be more than a channel for God, to be more than simply an expression of God.  This gave me permission to express myself fully and completely, as much a part of God as a drop of water is a part of the ocean.  And when I express myself fully and completely in this way, life gets real good.  Good and very good.
So today, I allow.  I BECOME love!  I AM the expression of God today and I BE LOVE!